Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Picking up the pace.

So far the project has been running smoothly. I have been averaging about 10 hours a week, whether it be evened out or in a one day flat out session. That's been pretty good I guess, But I know this boat won't build it's self and though there's snow on the ground, the days are getting longer and the sun is melting the ice every time it decides to show. It would kill me to see the marina have it's lift in (May) and me still be working only on decking or what have you. Running some numbers and my laziness factor, I'm upping the pace a bit. By a factor of 2. I'm doubling my hours per week on the schedule. 20 hours is a task but it's the only way I can get the cushion needed for hiccups and make an earlier summer launch. (I still won't be rushing or taking shortcuts in the quality I intend on having) Newfoundland summers are short (for warm sun anyhow) And I don't want to miss any time on the water. The hours spent will be worth it.
I budgeted about 14 hours for the first row (both sides) of planking due to it's complexity, shape and the fact that it's my first (learning curve), but it took me only 12 hours. The following row is MUCH easier if last evenings progress on the second row is any indication. More on that in another post.
Time will certainly tell if I can hold my now ambitious schedule on top of everything else life throws my way.

p.s. My wife will now need an appointment to see me. I'll owe her BIGTIME after this project! not only in time, but cash. If you want a cheap way to get sailing, BUY a boat.


  1. Fantastic blog,
    cant believe how focused you are. i started a Navigator more than 3 years ago and still at it (have renovated the house and worked away for a year but still!)
    Good luck with it. Seems you will be sailing as we enter winter

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy the project, but I enjoy sailing more. I have friends coming from away who plan on sailing in this expensive crate in July, I can't disappoint.

  3. Hi Perry, it's your cousin Trent Burton in Lab City. I just got this link from Dad, so I hope to be following you the rest of the way. What have you got yourself into? It takes me about 3 weeks to build a camp kitchen, nothing more then a fancy box! I've often visited the web site. It's amazing the quality of boats people can build out of their home shop, however it is indeed a huge time commitment. As you say, your family is making a sacrifice as well. I wish I was close enough to drop over and see what you've done.

  4. Hey Trent, good to hear from you. What have I got myself into indeed. It's a project many years waiting to start, and I got tired of waiting. The site is basically for those who live too far away to drop in for a coffee and a chat about the mess.
    You'll have to tell me about the stove some time, if its' the style I'm thinking of, their pretty cool.