Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grinding, sanding.... The saga

I can only say, "Thank God for grinders"
The 3/4"x 3" (20mm x 70mm) bottom chine glued to the hull floor needed a great deal of meat removed from it to match the above stringer, the further forward the more that needed removal. Luckily a 24 grit disk on the grinder speeds the process. I have to be very careful handling the grinder, one slip and I could take out 1/8" of wood.
Its not all torture though, it's taking a bit less time to bevel the stringers than I originally thought. Eyeballing across the two stringers that needs beveling, I get pretty close on the first run with the grinder. A check with the straight edge and then a touch up. I'll fine tune the bevels with the spokeshave and sander before planking begins.

Time: 2 hrs

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