Thursday, February 19, 2009

First row planking

With the first template and plank working as it should, I Proceeded to make templates of the other 2 pieces that make up the length of the boat.
They were dry fitted and marked for scarfing.
Scarfing a 6:1 slope on a 3/8" thick plank didn't take long.
The template method was then used to make the 3 plank pieces for the opposite side of the boat. I didn't make copies since I would spend the same amount of time fiddling with it to make it right. The pace quickened a bit once I got used to how the whole system worked and what areas of measurement were critical.
We had a snow day at work with a blizzard on the go outside. So it made for a perfect day for boat building. After all the pieces were cut, scarfed and fit tested, I epoxied the scarfs on the frame for accuracy and to maintain the curve of the boat. Wax paper was used behind the joint so I wouldn't accidentally glue the small area to the hull. When that sets I'll remove the paper and glue/ screw in place.
The underside of the plank where it meets the floor panel. the seam will be filled with epoxy then rounded off to a large radius and 2 layers of biaxel tape applied.
There's a lot of twist in this first plank. Crazy. But it all went together. I'm not too fussy about the top edge, it will all be planed off when the next plank is laid over in a lap type joint. there are no measurements taken from this top edge either.
The inside edge of the scarf looks OK. It has to be cleaned up, for later epoxy coating.
First row of planking complete. I guess this means I have 1/4 of the planking done... cool!
After this post I won't show the template and layout, it is basically the same method for all the planks. I will show the overlap measuring and the ship lap at the stem.

Time: 10 hr

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