Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cockpit seats, cut & dry fit

Once again the joggle stick was used on a piece of scrap to map out the outline of my rear seat at the transom. The pattern wood was then transferred to the plywood that would make the seat. All in all it worked well. My biggest issue is deciding how to locate my fuel tank. The tank takes up some space, and little left for a locker of any size to one side. But the seat needs some support, so im putting a small bulkhead there to give me piece of mind. I might put a top hatch on the starboard side to access the locker behind the bulkhead.
The port and starboard side seat tops were laid out and cut in the same fashion as the rear seat. The joggle stick let me get the seat in place on the first cut, the rest was just fine tuning with file and sander. The joints were set and excess trimmed off where the planking will go. The inside will be left until all seat panels are complete, and in place, then the whole seat area will be cut in one shot making an even looking seat. There will also be a doubler under the overhang to reinforce the seat lip/edge.

When i'm placing these seats I picture myself standing in any particular area, so I want it to easily carry my weight. There "might" be a couple of extra battens in my boat seating thats not in the plan.

Time: 5 hr over two evenings

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