Monday, May 11, 2009

On this weeks eppisode of "This new boat"....

On this weeks episode of "This new boat" we will be cutting and fitting the hardwood skeg. The keelson (small keel) that will run the length of the hull. It will be a laminate of maple pieces cut from stock obtained from my home town last fall. Also this week I'll be adding some glass cloth to the stem for abrasion and impact resistance. This will all get "faired" with epoxy fillers then sanded smooth. this will likely take several attempts to get the hull looking smooth but worth it in the end.
On another point, Topsail Marine has opened for the season. Their a local marine store with good prices and most important right now... their close. For the odds and ends I'll be needing like miscellaneous screws etc.
A busy week lie ahead.

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