Friday, May 29, 2009

I digress

I had an interesting day at work yesterday I figured I share.
Were building some Offshore subsea modules for A customer of ours.
Its a truss approximatly 90ft long and it's triangular in cross section. Yesterday I used the computer to make a 3D model of the truss, (not a big deal) and then use math (Hate math) and projections to make a template that would be printed to full scale. This template is used to create this...It's to be installed here.
Still not too big a deal but the fact that the whole thing must have an even gap of 3mm all around for a special weld is! It requires accuracy at every stage, from design to cutting and grinding. The edges must be ground back a specific angle as well for this full penetration weld. It all gets radiographed and X-rayed after. The diagonals are on a jig for test fitting before going on the main truss. An "intense" day needless to say. This stuff is also not cheap, the grade is rare and has to be impact tested before use.

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