Thursday, April 2, 2009


I have one goal "Get er built" and sailing will naturally follow. I'm not necessarily rushing but nor am I just piddling away down in the workroom. It's not one of those projects that lingers like the guy who spends years restoring a car. I like sailing more than I like building so getting this finished by this coming summer is top priority. To organize my time so I am not sitting waiting for epoxy to cure, I made a basic schedule. Part of which is shown below. Nothing fancy but keeps me focused and as I progress it gets filled in. Eventually I see that I have less and less to do which helps moral in this seemingly unending build.
I have a weekly sheet that I keep a track of daily things that need doing incase I forget something small but important. Like remove screws that hold the boat to the jig before I glue the flooring down!

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