Monday, March 2, 2009

Third row planking start

The third row of planking got started yesterday. The first of 3 sections have been measured and cut to size. I took the time on this row, to mark where I will drill all the screw holes when I dry fit the plank on the boat. For no other reason than just to have some even spacing. I also clamped the port and starboard planks together and ran the belt sander over the lower finished/exposed edge to make a nice even curve through its length. This way both planks will be identical. On a planked on frame boat this would be near impossible, but in a hard chine clinker plywood craft, both sides should be near enough to mirror to use same template for both sides. its worked so far at the lower row so I'll continue until I hit a snag. From this row up looks are everything so I'll need to be careful. (Pictures to follow)

Time: 2 hr

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