Monday, March 9, 2009

Fourth row planking and the anchor locker

The fourth row of planking needs to be done at same time as I finish the inside of the anchor locker. The locker once the top goes on will be extremely difficult to epoxy coat or paint the inside. So that's being done now as I cut the planks. The underside of the locker floor has been given 2 thick coats of epoxy and the inside of the locker will be given 2 coats of epoxy after I finish making fillets at the stringers. mostly to keep any water that ever enters from pooling on the stringers and other parts. I have been experimenting with using different types of filleting tools. My finger for one, a silicon spatula stolen from the kitchen, a sort of icing bag made from a zip-loc bag with the corner cut out and a large stir stick. All of these have their strong and weak points but each has a use to suit certain areas.

So far I have templated, cut and fared the lower edge of the forward section planking and epoxy coated the locker floor

Time: 2 hr

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