Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Combing work

I cut the small pieces of plywood used in the curved part of the deck edge. It bends easily so I should not have trouble final fitting it. I trimmed the forward combing to mate with the deck edge in a scarfed joint. Getting all fancy making it look like I simply split the plywood, the lower on the deck edge the upper making the combing. I screwed and glued the forward combing in place with enough glue to make a nice fillet along its outside and inside face. you can never have it too strong.

The forward edge is temporarily held in place with a small screw to be removed when fitting the other side. When both sides are in place, a strip of biaxel tape will be glassed in place for reinforcement.

Time 1 hr


  1. The Pathfinder is looking great! Nice work.

  2. Thanks Steve. I look at my combing and the pictures of yours and hope mine will look almost as good. I won't be able to do bright work on mine though, the quality is not the best so it will be painted with perhaps a cap of varnished hardwood.