Thursday, March 12, 2009

200 hours and counting

I knew I was close so I did a count, sure enough 98 hours since posting the 100 hour mark. I added in 2 hours since i'm sure I neglected post some time somewhere. By my estimate I have about 100 hours of work left to do not including final painting. (fiberglass work is included)
Excellent! 200 hours and I haven't lost interest one iota. In fact I am getting more excited as I go because now the hull is taking shape and I'm working on the stuff I truly enjoy. The details. Decking, flooring, combing, locating and mounting hardware and hull work like fiberglassing, shaping, sanding and painting. I'm one of those odd sticks who don't mind shaping and painting. I have restored, repainted every boat I've owned, and many of my beater work vehicles that I bought second hand so it's something I know how to prepare for. This all will take place in time with spring thaw and warmer weather. This will naturally bring up my shop temperature even before my heaters cut in. But more on that later.

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