Monday, January 5, 2009

Until now

Up to this point, whenever I had friends or family come around they would ask me to show them "The Boat".
The first question I would receive would be, "Where is it?"
The second would be, "Will this fit through your door?"

Well now at least I can say "here it is". I have an actual hull on a jig in my basement.
The other question, well we'll just have to wait and see about that.
I'm glad I can finally start putting things together that make a boat. I can see how some might get discouraged up to this point. Always building parts, but no actual hull. Just a pile of funny shaped lumber in the corner to show off. (sarcasm warning) Thats impressive . Seeing the hull finally take shape is a huge moral booster. What also helps is reading the articles from other boat owners who are out enjoying their own piece of paradise. I strongly suggest anyone building a John Welsford design to go to and seek out the fine articles on open boat cruising.
Great food for the builder/sailors soul.
Were finally in the midst of winter here in Newfoundland and the short days mean I should be in the basement working on the boat more.
By my estimate, 10 hrs a week should get me to completion (paint aside) by the end of May. thats 210 hrs. And by my guess there's a fair bit already done, so we'll see. At risk of repeating myself, if i'm not finished by summer 2009, there's nobody to blame but myself. Plain and simple.

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