Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stringer installation complete

Another phase of construction is complete. All stringers are installed. From the start it became apparent that going with the 1/2" frame thickness was a good idea. And as each stringer was installed, it got easier, and I got a little faster. The bungee cords were evaluable in helping me hold the long sagging ends of the stringers as I installed them by myself. I used #8 screws at the frames where there were no doublers and #10's where the frames were doubled. I used one screw and two screw mounting procedure with the same frames. The biggest help in this part of the boat building process has been the homely chisel, my Japanese saw and my dirty secret weapon, the angle grinder.
On this last set of stringers I decided to work from the back to the front installing the stringers. The transom area is near a frame member and the curve is tight. And dead headed in a slot in the transom. It's been a bit of a pain to get it just right. Of course I figure out an easier way now that i'm nearly done installation.
The stringer was cut to match the transom slot, and a binding strap hooked to the stringer to pull it in. The glue was then applied and screwed in place. It worked very well and I only regret not doing it earlier.
The stringer was fed forward and glued and screwed to each frame.
At the front the stem was notched out to fit the stringer. The stringer was cut to length and beveled to match the slot. Note the pencil marks show where the stem will be beveled to match the stringers for the planks when attached. It looka a little untidy, but I know that I have to clean all this up before planking begins.
With time and glue to spare, I made and placed the vertical supports for the cockpit seat area.
The boat is now complete with all stringers in place. Next step beveling all those stringers. I figure it will take a week of evenings to complete that phase.
The outside of the stringers are still only rough cut. They will need major shaping to match the planking profiles in the days and weeks to follow.

There's one particuler item that bares mentioning. Its a Mastercraft gizmo called a "flip bit". On one end its a screw driver, flip it around its a drill bit with countersink. It attaches to any drill. I have used it constantly in everything i've done in this project. No changing drills or bits. Until today.... Yeah it busted. No more flipping. And they don't make them any more. But no big deal, I purchased a couple of quick connect countersinking drill bits. That will work well with my Dewalt speed connector for bits on my drill.
Time: 4 hrs


  1. Leave it to a Burton to break a tool! I am sure that you had lots of use out of the bit. Glad to see you have an alternate.

    The boat is really taking form man. Keep it going!! Great work.

    Bilco out

  2. Always have another way to skin your cat. Cause you never know :)

    P man