Monday, January 5, 2009

Spruce Stringers

A note to those who make excuses about weather interrupting their building process. If the weather stops you, you don't really want to be at the boat. So just say, "I don't feel like working on the boat right now". A soggy, snowy afternoon was spent with the father in-law sawing the stringers from the spruce I acquired this past summer. They are over 20ft long and one inch thick so it's a 2 man job.
once they were all ripped to width, they were all cut to the correct thickness as per the plans. Note the scrap wood left on the snow. It's curled and flexible like spaghetti.
I'm really glad I decided to use this lumber for the stringers rather than the mast. The wood is very flexible and seems to bend evenly.

Time: 3 hrs (and one large pile of sawdust)

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