Sunday, January 25, 2009

Small parts

Today was just installing small parts on the boat. Like the floor supports at the front, the mid section and at the center case sides.The shot below shows the floor support at the center case sides. The screws on the outside was intentional. To make sure my bulkheads heights matched I waited until now to install these pieces. No the screws did not penetrate the inside of the case. I was extremely careful not to use too long a screw nor to sink the screw too deep. (Note: When in a situation like this, always check that each screw is proper length, I noticed a couple of longer screws in my bin that could have been accidentally used. I am now getting rid of those temporary bin dividers in my screw trays.)
Some trimming will be needed at the point where the two levels meet at a bulkhead. But just a little. There is not much to see for 2 hours work, but in my defense, no pieces were cut or sanded prior to this. So thats 8 pieces, cut to correct length, sanded, bored and counter sunk, and installed.
Time: 2 hrs (of course)

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