Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Frame #1 & #2 installation

With the stem girder set in place. I set about mounting frames #1, and #2.
Both were mostly finished from earlier and only needed the slots cut to accommodate the bottom doublers installed on the stem girder. They were both trimmed, and pilot holes drilled for mounting screws when the gluing begins. Both were also leveled and made square with the Stem girder.

The hole in frame #1 will be cut later for the access hatch. I still haven't purchased one yet.

Time: 2 hrs


  1. Great blog Perry! I'm considering a small boat design, the pathfinder is on my short list. I'm living in Mount Pearl, give me a shout if you need a hand sometime.

  2. Thanks Jim. I've looked at many designs before choosing this one. This one may or may not be the best, but it suits me the best. Be careful what you offer, This boat has to navigate some serious obstacles before its extracted out of my basement.