Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wooden mast

The plans call for a mast made from aluminum tube reinforced with wood in areas for the sake of cost savings and weight. From my chair I see a wooden boat, I want a wooden mast on it. Sure it will cost more, take a lot of valuable time and frustration, but in the end I should have a quality looking, sturdy mast. I mentioned the birds mouth router bits some time ago. Well I put them to work last evening. All my clear wood was collected, cut to exact widths on the table saw. By the way, make sure you have the room. I was cutting 12ft lengths of wood therefore needed 24ft of shop space. The shop not being long enough I moved operations out into the main basement area and left my shop door open so I could run the cut lumber in through. My wife Nadine got a hint that this sort of thing might be happening more regularly as the boat grows and eats my shop space.
Once all the pieces were cut I moved the saw out of the way and set up the router table and shop-vac to take away some of the debris. The router table I borrowed though not an expensive model, worked great. the holding cams held my pieces of wood right in place and prevented any chatter. It took a while but all done in one evening, so I was able to put everything away and clean up so the rest of my family could access the basement. Another productive evening.

Time: 3 hrs

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