Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hull bottom cutting

Once the glue had kicked off, It was time for cutting the shape that is to be the bottom of the boat. I had taken the time to print off a template once again, and laid it on the plywood.
A centerline was marked with a chaulk line, this is to be the centerline of the boat.
I cut and taped the templates into place.
Reference lines were placed on the paper so both sheets of the template would be easier to align.
One side was traced at a time. The centerboard cut out was also marked.

Once all the lines were drawn on the plywood, all measurements were checked against the plans to make sure all was where it should be. Including the centerboard cut out. The centerboard case I made is ever so slightly larger than the hole in plan, so the hole was enlarged to match, but hardly worth mentioning. One could laugh at the difference... 3 mm in width. See I told you.

The whole thing is then cut out with the jig saw.

The newly cut bottom was sanded all over with 80 grit so the epoxy would stick better and to remove any splinters that have a knack for finding their way into my fingers. The profile was sanded with the belt sander to remove any high spots and unevenness.

All in all A productive morning. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up and getting the shop ready for the building jig. That will be tomorrows task.

Time: 4 hrs

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