Thursday, December 18, 2008

Centerboard pivot idea (borrowed)

While i'm working on the mast, boom and gaff, i'm also thinking about when I mount the centerboard case onto the bottom keel section. The pivot pin arrangement given in the plans is ok, but for some reason I can't bring myself to trust it enough to use. All the banging about my boat will do in the North Atlantic ocean, plus the installation of a stainless pipe sleeve through an epoxy hole in the centerboard might lead to a crack in my epoxy, or excessive play in my centerboard, (a banging noise or vibration at higher speeds) Not to mention leaking. Leaks are a major source of aggravation for me. I know anyone would say "who really does like a leaky boat"
But some boats leak by their construction method or through hull fittings, like stuffing boxes for shafts on motor boats etc. But for me it goes beyond normal reaction. It's like a nervous tick with me. It's probably humorous to some what parts of this boat i'm fussing over.
Anyhow, I noticed on Rick Coreless's website A novel idea on mounting his pivot pin. At first I passed it off has hokey. But now that i'm getting closer to making up my mind on what to do, it's gained some attention. I made a basic sketch of how it works based on a couple of pictures I've seen. Basically it's A bronze ore-lock socket mounted to the centerboard on both sides (epoxy sealed prior to installing ore-lock sockets) With bronze ore-lock sockets mounted to the centercase. These bronze sockets accept 1/2" diameter pins, so the pivot pin will be 1/2" diameter with a minus tolerance so that the pin goes in easier and to allow for some marine grease. What will seal this pin area is a brass/bronze "plug" that screws into the socket (the mount end will be tapped to match) Thread tape or other non permanent sealant used to make it water tight. I'll make up a test piece before I start chopping out any of my centerboard and case.
I don't think their will be any structural problem with it. A 1/2" pin is certainly strong enough, and it doesn't rotate much in the span of a season. And the limited play in the centerboard will minimize vibration. It seems like a simple set up, and made from off the shelf items. If any
Pathfinder builders see this, tell me what you think.

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