Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am going to part with John Welsfords plans a little and have my motor mounted on the outside of the transom instead of in a motor well inside the cockpit. In doing this I need to beef up my transom a little. So instead of using 9mm (3/8") I'm using 5/8" ply.I'm making the side mounts for the stringers thicker as well (1") total. If I intend to use any stainless eyes at the back for strapping to the trailer I'll be mounting them through these 1" side pieces.
I used the same method for sanding opposite pieces of framework. Clamping them together and sanding with my belt sander to start. Then finish sanding and routing the exposed edge with a 1/2" round bit.
I'll cut my stringer notches and epoxy/screw in place tomorrow.
Time: 1 hr.

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