Saturday, October 18, 2008

Transom part 4

I waited a couple of days before I attempted to do anything to the transom and it's problem. I sanded a small area to see if i could remove the epoxy and the stain without ruining the wood.
The results were promising.So this morning I went at it. Sanded with 40 grit until I got down to the wood, and changed the sandpaper regularly to get rid of the stain.
It looks pretty good I think. But how I will proceed from here is the question. I have a couple of test pieces of stained wood prepared again. Trying out things to see what caused the epoxy fish eyes. A bit of an experiment as much as deciding how to prepare the transom. But I have other things to do as well, so on to it.
I cut the rough lumber from the maple I cut this past summer. These pieces are for the centerboard leading edge. I managed to fill my dust bag under the saw from all the cutting in the past couple of days. I measured the mast cut lines on my spruce that lay outdoors as well.
Time: 4 hrs. (2 sanding and preping transom, 2 measuring and cutting centerboard wood)


  1. Great Blog Perry. I just found this, and I have to say I appreciate your taking the time to post it. I've been tampering with the idea of building a small sailboat for years. The pathfinder seems perfect for our use, and it great to see how it's put together. I'll be following along and I look forward to seeing your progress.


    St. Thomas, Ontario

  2. Thanks for comments Jimmy. I have a couple of friends who check my blog now that they live away. I've been tampering with the idea for a long time and find getting the first wood cut the biggest hurdle. Like going off the high diving board the first time, once done you wonder why you fretted so much about it. I'm trying to be consistent about posting, trying for at least twice a week now that winter is on its way.