Monday, October 27, 2008

Rudder blade

I Mixed up 2 batches of epoxy glue and laid down my rudder blade in my holding jig. There was no wax paper in the house and i just didn't bother, so I reused some old grocery bags, just to keep the whole thing from sticking to the jig, now that would be embarrassing.
The clamping was easy and I could access both sides to scrape off the excess glue. That will make the shaping work that much easier when the time comes.

The mask is comfortable so I don't mind using it. It's not like there's much odor, but the thought of developing a reaction leads me to error on the side of caution.

With time to spare in my evening I set up my router and tweaked my settings for making my mast sections. I cut a short piece and ran a test run of the setting. All worked fine. As I mentioned before I left just a little bit of an edge so the router bit didn't run too close to the top.

When the rudder blade and Centerboard are done that will be the next task. But after. I'm going to make some mess shaping these two items. And it will take some time.

Time: 1 hr


  1. Good to see you are using your PPE Perry! Looking like a true professional. Project is going well. Good to see you having the work life ballence. Hope Momma is going to get a big suprise too!!!

    Bilco Out

  2. Yes Bill, I'm taking no chances with any possible reactions. It's not messy stuff. It depends on the person I guess. If your the type who gets full of paint, wear a tyvek disposable suit. I show her the progress, and then describe where it goes on the boat LOL. I must say it's as much fun as I thought it might be.