Sunday, October 26, 2008

Centerboard & rudder blade jig

I Spent a while cutting all the pieces of 20x30 for the rudder blade as well as the remaining pieces of 20x60 for the centerboard. A fair bit of wood gets eaten up in making these two items.
I've seen other builder sites where the person laid down their wood and clamped flat. I've done that before, but having the clamp on only one side, cause the assembly to "cup" a little. I wanted to be able to access both sides of the assembly while I'm gluing (mostly to scrape off excess glue being squeezed out).
The answer, this jig. I made it from a couple of old pine veneer doors from a kitchen renovation project several years ago. I never had the heart to throw out all that wood thinking someday I might need some. Here's one use.

I cut the slots and assembled it square. Though I will fasten it to the table when I start gluing. I don't want to induce a twist in the assemblies, what would be worse than a cup in the profile. I did a dry run in placing all the pieces in proper order, (not all pieces of wood have the same grain) and then numbered them in order of placement.

Time: 3 hrs (cutting nearly 40 pieces of wood to same size, and building a jig)

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