Thursday, October 16, 2008

Centerboard case

I will give the transom another day to completly cure so I can sand freely without clogging the sandpaper. Meantime, I have a center case to start.
My home sawn maple is nearly dry enough so I began cutting some of it for the center case packers. The maple cuts like metal in the table saw and chop saw. very hard stuff. But it will take the epoxy glue and screws very well I think. No doubt pilot holes will need to be drilled for the screws when the time comes. Only the rough lengths have been cut and planed to the width and thickness. I also rough cut my center case side panels this evening. The panel is 1/2" thick not 3/8" as in the plans. I feel more comfortable with that thickness. Adjustments are to be made in frames and keel slot for this.
I have not seen a detail of the lifting block for the centerboard. Though I know a pulley is needed. I'll likely have a fixed deck mount pulley on the forward face of the case for the rope to come over the top without chaffing.
Time: 1 hr

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