Friday, November 9, 2012

September run

September had a few nice sailing days and this day was no exception. Very little to no wind but warm and sunny. Derrick brought by pictures that he took from his sailboat as we both made our way out the bay.
 A ripple on the water but virtually no wind.
 So we sit and wait for a puff of wind to come along.
 And wait.....
 Once in a while a small breeze would pass by and we would ghost along for a moment.
 Then the wind or breeze would pass and we would sit and chat and be on the look out for the next one.
 One steady breeze came upon us and we actually made a bit of progress for a little while.
 Several boats along with mine took advantage as best we could and progressed out the bay a little.
 It's a little odd to see the boat moving so fast with no apparent evidence of wind to show.
 None of us seemed to be in a great rush to be anywhere so the come and go wind was inconvenient but not a problem.
But we were not alone, as you can see further out the bay the other sailboats were getting no wind either. The day was spent doing much of this stopping and going, moments of scooting along nicely and then coming to a dead stop. At least it was easy to pour up a cup of coffee.

This is one of the few times my boat has been photographed from a different point of view. I never get to see  my boat from this perspective, Thanks Derrick.