Sunday, October 14, 2012

The "Bug"

It's happened again, that affliction that strikes boat builders and sailors. The overpowering need to build another. Yeah its terrible.
This time its a pug nosed pram (if you call it that) thats been in the works for some time and last year the design was complete and several built. What resulted was a flood of requests for plans for this little/big boat code named "S.C.A.M.P."  (Small Craft Advisor Magazine Project) Designed initially by the one and only John Welsford (designed my boat) Below is a small shot I grabbed to show what it looks like. Some may not like the look of it, but I do. It reminds me of my first pram that me and my dad built and that one was a safe reliable boat, I wore the bottom off that boat.
I'm still thinking about it... If I want to build another. This one it small and won't take near the time or resources to complete. If I do buy the plans, it's likely the boat will follow. And I'll certainly put it in a blog.
too bad there were not more locals building small boats. A fleet of these in the bay would be great to see.

Below are links to the main site where there is articles on  this little boat and a forum dedicated to it.
Wooden boat web site forum discussion of SCAMP
Small Craft Advisor Magazine article
Duckworks boat building supplies link to buy plans.

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  1. That bug even bites while building a boat... I am looking at Ross' wonderful designs for after (or during) my pf build. The scamp sure looks very nice too.