Monday, December 12, 2011

Vacations and gems (August)

I made no particular plans to travel on my vacation this year but to stay home and just put around the yard and bay. Knowing that there was a stretch of fine weather ahead, me and the missus struck out early one morning to make a run to Brigus, a town I've mentioned before and have sailed out of. However the winds were a no show and not to be denied a boat ride I struck out with the motor running.
 It's not a long distance to Brigus and with the flat water it was easy to spot the dolphins, porpoises and the scattered whale.
 After an approximate 2 hr run at 5 knots we made the point to turn into the harbor that the town is situated in.
 There's very little to call beach area around here so many of the houses along the sides had small roads that lead to the town docks.
 The wind picked up a little but since we were only a short distance from the docks and heading straight into the wind, I figured why bother.
 Other boats had already been here for some time and had secured some nice berths inside the small island that sits in the harbor.
 It's a fairly barren area with only the occasional crop of trees but the town does sit in a nice protected valley and out of the harshest winds.
 Now this is a spot to dock your boat for a time, and close to the road.
 The goal for the day besides getting to the town of Brigus by lunch time was to get to have lunch here!
The Country Corner Restaurant & Gift shop. Listed in Frommers "where to eat in Canada". Anyone who knows me at all know that I LOVE to eat and love good food. What I like so much about this place is that they have a small menu. Not many items and, no deep fried food. If that disappoints you let me finish. They do have a bunch of relatively simple local dishes with local deserts. But these dishes are to die for! I regularly have the Cod Chowder that is made right in the building (not shipped in frozen then thawed) It's thick with a creamy texture to the broth with lots of chunks of potato, cod and other veggies mixed in. Most importantly to me is the taste, no one item overpowers the chowder and they all blend well  to create a taste that I have yet encountered elsewhere on the East coast of Newfoundland. When you have this in their "Lunch Special" you also get a fresh piping hot tea biscuit, and their blueberry crisp served with blueberry ice cream and all covered in blueberry jam. Of course home made and absolutely delicious, but what topped it off literally was  what I can only describe as true blue home made blueberry jam. A simple concoction of blueberries, some sugar cooked in a pot to make jam, this then poured over the desert. No apparent additives like thickeners or freeze-dried berries. A tell tale sign of the fresh blue berries is how it quickly turns the ice-cream purple with it's natural dyes... awesome! here's a look at the pictures from their site.

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