Tuesday, December 6, 2011

June test run

Cabin additions made, new boom constructed and new reefing system in place. Time to try it all out.
On a not so sunny day Myself, my wife, buddies Bill and Adrian set out from the local marina and gave the Pathfinder a good test run.
 It' was fairly cold but if your dressed for the weather it's not so bad.
 We were on the water about an hour when the forecast winds arrived. It pushed from the North West at bout 20 knots with gusts at 25, but with the weight of 4 adults and a fully reefed main, it actually was fairly comfortable.

The cabin shielded us from the cold winds as we beat around the bay trying out the rigging modifications. Reefing can now be accomplished mostly by standing in the cabin with hatch slid forward and hauling the sail down to its reefing points.
A couple of hours of this was enough of a try out and we eventually turned with the wind and cruised home on a broad reach at over 7 knots, its fun to hit the 7 knot mark in my little boat.


  1. Nice shot of my boat. The white one featured is mine. I check your blog from time to time as I have an interest in small sailing vessels. I built myself a Newfoundland punt in 2006 and outfitted her with a sprt rigged mainsail and jib. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Pathfinder. You've done a tremendous job on her. Check out the following link to the boat I built. Derrick http://www.duck-trap.com/shopnews.html

  2. Nice Punt Derrick! I recognize the area your in but admit I've never seen you out on the water when I have been out (few times i know) or I would have sailed over for a look. I'd love to get a look at your Punt some time.

  3. It's been a while since I've checked in with your site. The first time I see you around in Holyrood, I swing by for a chat.