Monday, December 12, 2011

Cape St. Mary's (August)

There's one place on this island that I have made many attempts to reach and this summer I finally managed to get there. Cape St. Mary's.
"Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve is one of the best and most accessible places in the world to see nesting seabirds."
 The reason we have been kept from coming here is barely visible in the above picture (left side offshore)
This place is regularly shrouded in fog and even on nice days fog quickly moves in making even walking out here somewhat difficult. Even on this day we were here only an hour and the fog bank moved in and soon visibility was reduced to only a few feet. But not before we got a few pictures...
 This ledge and walking area is 1km from the tourist Chalet and this particular spot has no railing and only warning signs regarding the cliffs which plunge hundreds of feet below. If you go here with your kids, hold their hands for everyone's piece of mind.
 Well worth the effort to reach this isolated place.


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