Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home stretch on the Pathfinder modification

I am on the home stretch now, Varnishing near completion, most fittings installed, and the new boom ready for fittings. 

I do need to make some adjustments to the hatch and door though. It fits a little too tight for my liking.
The stainless steel solar powered vent will keep the air flowing while the cabin is closed up.
It will be interesting to see how well this new tabernacle and rigging setup will work on the water.
More to come. Much to do yet and my greenhouse needs attention as well.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally something to show

Its been a while since last post, but I have been working on the boat. Off and on it's been two messy weeks of sanding, filling and sanding again. Once it got to a point that I was satisfied, I gave the boat a coat of clear epoxy. let sit 5 days before washing, sanding and prepping for primer.
 The bright finished areas were taped off so I wouldn't have to be tedious with my roller and brush.
 The Primer as before when I built the boat was fairly thick and rolled on just the same, though it done a nice job in covering blemishes.
 Once the primer cured I done a light sanding of the primed areas and cleaned it off with a rag soaked in thinner. The Interlux Brightsides paint went on very nicely and though thin and requiring several coats, it makes me look like a pro. It is rolled on with a foam roller but it levels as if you had sprayed it on. I can't say enough about the quality and durability of this stuff, and a gallon goes a long ways.
Several more evenings of light sanding and overcoating lies ahead, and as that cures I'm busy at my other little projects down in my main workshop. I should take some pics and show that.
4 deg C....    May... rain drizzle, fog.... not exactly in a mad rush to finish.