Saturday, April 23, 2011

Polka dot boat

When coating and fairing it becomes a tedious process. When using epoxy you don't think too much about room temperature... unless your doing it in a giant tent in April, in Newfoundland. More snow two days ago best sums up the past two weeks. The filleting and fairing job last Saturday took a long time to cure and the little wood stove just couldn't keep up with the cold temperatures and high winds. This past week was a write off with other things on the go and poor weather. But this long weekend I finally got to sanding the first coat and am filling in more spots today. Much sanding had to be done. the results are below.
I couldn't find any Eppiglass filler powder and substituted it with microballons. I'm not particularly fond of this type of filler, especially compared to the Eppiglass brand. The Eppiglass brand don't sag as much, is very smooth in texture, and applies much easier. In a strange twist of fate I ran out of microballons this morning and cursed my lack of preparedness in doing my filler work. I scrambled into town and found out that the marine store I frequent was open for the season and has a good supply of fillers and other things on hand. I picked up the last/only jar of Eppiglass filler (its now discontinued!) and got back to work. I'll keep the stove pumping out the heat to let this cure and do some other work until its ready. As always, it will eventually look much better when it's painted.

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