Sunday, April 10, 2011

Epoxy marathon

The time finally came for me to epoxy coat the cabin section inside and out. The catch is that it's best to lay 2 coats within 5-6 hours of each other. The prep work was done in the morning and by lunch time the first coast was applied. The second coat however never got applied until sundown and it was cooling down fast. 
 I went through a quite a bit of fire wood to keep the shed warm while the epoxy cured and it dropped to -8C by the time I finished.
 The powerful halogen light makes the shed glow as the night closed in.
 The work is done, now I just have to wait until it all cures.

 The fire went out and it cooled a great deal so the epoxy basically suspended it's curing. So I had to "spark er up" and warm the shed in the morning. A few hours later the temperature was around 25C and holding and the epoxy cured pretty quick then. I took the warm period to install and glue on the coaming that runs from the cabin to the back of the boat.
 It looks pretty good but was a pain to install solo.
 This picture was a little blurry so I'll have to take another. More work is needed to finish this part but the hard part is now complete.
 Note the wax paper and the scrap of wood. It's there to keep the edge of the plywood flush with the cabin until the glue cures. I'll add a batten inside later to strengthen it, as well as put a layer of cloth on the outside in this area to reinforce the seam. all this will be hidden by a filler layer and paint.
Enough work for one weekend, time to relax a bit before a week of filling, filleting and more epoxy work to make the whole job look presentable. Then comes the sanding and finally painting. Hopefully the weather will be warmer by then.


  1. great boat love it

  2. Looking good, watching with interest.