Monday, March 28, 2011

A steady pace

Its been a little while since last post so I figure I would give folks an update on the Pathfinder destruction and rebirth. The stove is getting a good workout and keeping the shed at a nice temperature. It makes work in the sub zero temperatures and snowstorms bearable.
The cleanup is complete and the construction of the cabin is well under way. The sides and bulkheads were installed with no problems and things are looking up.
 The compression post design changed for the availability of wood on hand but it looks better than my original idea, not to mention much stronger.
 Once the compression post was installed with a new oak king plank support beam, the roof panels were installed.
 Of course no fillers or coatings are applied until all my construction is complete so the screw heads and seams will be seen until then. Only a basic trimming of the extra plywood has been done yet. With my limited daylight after work and shed warm up time, I save my epoxy work for weekends. All measuring, cutting and fitting is done in my main workshop as much as possible until then.
It's looking as I expected would. But progress pace must be kept, spring is technically here and it won't be long and it will be sailing season.

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