Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Order in the chaos

The 10ft x 20ft car shelter is up. and turned into a temporary boat shed for my spring modifications to the Pathfinder. The little wood stove was picked up at my fathers place. Its a recycled old hot water tank... with some modifications. I sat in the cockpit for a while before I made the first cut to the boat. It's a shame the spray rail has to go.
Within a short time, I had completely torn the railing from the Pathfinder and made a big mess. Chaos. But it has to be done to make room for the supports and cabin structure that is to come.
The cabin parts were shipped out to the boat shed and some initial cutting was done to the deck to accommodate the fore and aft bulkheads. The wall jig was installed and used to mark where the cabin walls go through the deck. The walls were temporarily installed and marked for trimming in the main shop later.
Once everything was sorted out I disassembled everything and brought it all inside to get a couple of coats of epoxy. The remaining side rail bits and scrap was ground off with the disk grinder with a 24 grit disk and the jigsaw. It was cleaned up with the sanders after. The cabin will get installed this weekend and it will start to look better.
I have been busy, and I kept putting off adding this to the blog. This is hardly cruising, but its a necessary part of this coming seasons journeys.  More to come soon.

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