Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hatch work

 The hatch turned out pretty good, no finish or varnish yet. That will wait until later when I have finished other parts. The top layer was glued to the lower plywood layer so the screws would be hidden.
The handle was made and located but I have yet to decide if i am to put holes or some other grab feature in it. The slides are cut but I don't have the Teflon/poly strips made for the tops yet.
The poly strip will keep the hatch from falling off or lifting. The outside piece of oak will hold it in place.
All these parts are held temporarily until the cabin is installed on the boat. Whenever spring decides to show.

Until then there is plenty of small jobs to do, building a aft bulkhead ready to install once the deck is modified is just one. The other is a new boom. A new boom only because the other one is in my opinion too large and I am making a new setup for reefing my sails, a thing I seem to be doing a fair bit of.  I don't like getting dumped in +2 C water. Sunny or not thats COLD.

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