Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas holiday and the non winter, Building a Pathfinder cabin

Christmas has come and gone for my household and all without snow. The rest of Canada and even the United states are getting their share, but here on the East coast of the east coast, all we have is rain, more rains and yes. rain. Moss has taken a hold of the rocks in the yard and the daytime temperatures have occasionally reached above +10 C. 
But I have been busy in the workshop. After the head scratching and drawing I have come up with a set of usable plans to build the cabin for my Pathfinder. The initial sketches are below and the one on the right winning in the end.
This is the cabin that is taking shape in the shop right now, while the boat is in the back yard under a tarp. Speaking of tarp, I managed to get in under it to find a critical measurement for the cabin length. I soon started cutting my parts for the cabin including the hardwood corners.
The roof panels were cut over size and steam bent over a common piece of 2x4. This is to set a curve so when installing it won't cause too much trouble.
The building form will do until I can get the boat into a temporary shop this coming spring.
It's made level and wood added to attach the corners and wall panels.
The corners are cut to fit my cabin corner blocks and be flush with inside cabin walls
Within a few hours I had a solid cabin frame and ready to install some battens for the roof panel.
All of this is just screwed together, no gluing. I won't permanently glue anything until its installed on the boat.
More description to follow as I progress in building the Pathfinder cabin.

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