Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter is coming

A simple phrase from George R.R. Martins books (A Game of Thrones) with powerful meaning. Here though it just means the boats are out of the marina, and the leaves are falling. We had our first snow here yesterday, so its time to put the Pathfinder away for the season.
 I never got to do as much sailing as I would have liked this year mostly due to my vacation time being used up in my trip to Greece, but it was worth it. Each sailing gives me more confidence with my boat however and I get more comfortable with having people aboard and not be too concerned.
I wrapped the boat in the same fashion as last year since the beam and pole system worked so well.
If there are any more posts it will be on upcoming project for the Pathfinder and plans for next year. What projects you may ask?.... Well I have thought of this idea last year this time and now it has raised its ugly head again. Dangerous ideas so to speak. I have had it in my head for some time to modify the Pathfinder and install a cabin on the forward section as shown in optional plans that John Welsford sells. I have seen a couple like it and don't think it looks too bad. Below is a couple of pictures of these. 
Since I had drawn the pathfinder on the computer and used it to make all my parts etc. I have detailed a cabin to install and am working on some preliminary hatch details. This is still just an idea and may not come to be. The boat looks fine as it is and once I start modifications there's no turning back.
However! If I go this route and decide to put one on. I'll post my detail drawings, sketches and of course a full spread of how I do this modification. Feel free to talk me out of this folly. I'll be posting some discussions I have had with different folk on the matter and give the pros and cons of having a cabin on the Pathfinder. but that's for another time.
I apologise guys for not getting out in the boat enough this season and more so for not getting near enough pictures. That will be rectified next year with a more durable digital camera.

Oh and one more thing, Frank Cashins boat. I'll be visiting him soon and have a look at his work of art. you'll know what I mean when I post some pictures of it. Makes a boatbuilder drool.


  1. Hi Perry

    I like the cabin version of the Pathfinder and if these plans were available when I was building my Chebacco, it would have been a difficult choice. This is not to say I have anything against the open style it is just so darn practical to have the cabin for storage, sleeping, etc. Go for it.
    My two (Canadian) cents.


  2. When I built the pathfinder I had no choice but to build it with no cabin or else it would not fit through the door. But Now after two seasons and enough thought, I am going to add the cabin next spring. Thanks for the 2(can) cents Randy.

  3. Perry, I have built a Michalak Ladybug and am looking at several designs with a cabin. I want to cruise some of the large northern lakes in SK and just think it would be very nice to have a cabin to crawl into rather than have to put up a tent on shore or over the boat cockpit. My project won't happen for a while so I look forward to seeing how your experiences with the cabin turn out. Cheers,


  4. The reasons why i'm considering a cabin. it rains a lot here, regardless of given forecast.