Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sometimes its good to just have a nap

Myself and two friends made another short trip one Saturday with a nice breeze blowing from the northwest. The summer sun hits with more force and some of us need to cover more than others. It may look it but its not cold.
 We cruised out to Bacon cove and dropped sails for lunch near a swimming hole that ran into the sea. The lunch didn't survive long with us hovering over it and the sun was beaming down upon us. With the little crank radio playing some tunes we decided to have a nap. Bill and Adrian took the front floor area where there was lots of room to spread out, while I rolled up the life jackets and bunked down in the cockpit. Soon enough the snores were coming from the front of the boat, I was barely settled in when I first heard them. We spent a couple hours catching some rays and listening to the radio and finally growing restless we hauled anchor and moved on.
 The afternoon wind was quite light for  a change and was blowing only about 5-10 knots in little puffs. but we still made good time in skirting the coastline.
 Later on in the evening the wind just quieted to a whisper and as we neared the marina I dropped sails and started the motor. We cruised under motor power around the harbor for a bit and took a look at the salmon river on the other side of the point in Holyrood. The water is shallow but a lot of salmon run that way trying to jump the rapids that are near the shoreline.
 All in all another good run out the bay just having some fun. And a good nap will never hurt anyone either.
Another run I hope before winter draws near.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Igors wrath

The storm ended with one fatality, and there was a lot of damage to bridges and roads. 90+ towns were cut off from the rest of the island. Winds clocked at over 170 km/h and rainfall for the day at over 200 mm. The Canadian Military was called in to help repair roads and build temporary bridges.
We have had many storms in the past that have caused localized damage to one town or another, and it was taken in stride but this affected a very large area and it will take some time to repair everything. I would post pictures of the flooding in my area, but their so pitiful compared to what happened across the bay from me. I was lucky. I attached a link to someone who compiled a mass of pictures taken that day. that says it all.

It's been just over a week since the storm, and there is a fleet of trucks and heavy equipment working to repair the roads so supplies can be brought into the communities. Out of the 90 that were cut off, only 3 remain isolated.
I'd go sailing tomorrow but winds are to range from 20 to 35 knots.
another day.