Sunday, April 25, 2010

Overdue tasks

With unending bad weather, I made time to shave down the centerboard a bit so it sits into the case better. It was a little snug before.
I had made keel shoes and now it is time to put a curve in the piece that attaches to the stem. I used a torch to gently heat and add curve to the front.
The roller on the front of the trailer was removed and replaced with a nicer bow "V" made of rubber. I added a piece of leather just to keep the boat from having black marks on it and to give a little cushion to the part.
I had earlier removed the jib cleats and made up a lift block for them. they are screwed from the underside and epoxied in place. This will keep the rope from chaffing the spray rail and to make handling the rope easier.

With a break in the nasty weather I towed the Pathfinder to a shop and finally got to fixing the mess I made with the deck and the blue top plank last year. The deck and top plank was sanded, as was the hardwood trim. After a wipe down the deck got a coat of paint and so did the top plank. It looks much better than last year. The poor touch up I had done was a source of irritation for me since the launch a year ago. Now that too is out of the way. Pictures to be taken and posted soon of that.

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