Sunday, April 4, 2010

I've been busy building a cradle for lifting the boat from the trailer. So much so that I neglected to take any pictures of the process. I'll get to it this week. The cradle is built, the boat is off the trailer and the centerboard removerd and some minor work already done with it. Last year the centerboard used to bind a little when let down. I made it a bit to thick done near the lead slug. That is no longer a problem. I'll post some pictures of the mods this week.
In other news...
The gaff jaws have been completed. All thats needed is the rope with roller beads on the rear.
The rudder blade got a touch up and a coat of varnish for the summer. Note the color difference in the area that was inside the rudder case. UV rays have power for sure.

Summer approaches and a fair bit left to do.


  1. Hi Perry

    Just stumbled upon your blog and it is like deja vu for me...I had the exact problem with the gaff jaws (hardware rubbing mast and straight jaws that bind rather than the curved ones)when I built my Chebacco 20. Another funny one is that I have the same 5 hp Honda motor and my father moved it and positioned it wrong so the plug was fouled for the first trial!

    Thanks for the blog,
    Chebacco "Bluster"

  2. Hey Randy, I have had great success with my new curved gaff jaws with the leather chaff pad. As for the Motor issue, that was embarrassing! It's been a while since i've used an outboard and that issue escaped me for a time, And on a motor that has never been in the water. For an instant it was panic.