Friday, March 12, 2010

Jib sails

The maiden voyage of Pikake had the jib attached to the shroud by cheap plastic snap on hanks. Not easy to install or remove after the sail. The style was a non removable type. A furling drum and swivel was on order but had not arrived in time for that first trip. The furler was easy to install but with no wire through the leading edge of the sail I got a flapping of the leading edge when close hauled, an annoyance to me. I had hauled the sail tight on the haul up but I fear that the tension would eventually tear the sail.
 Many Navigator and some Pathfinder sailboats have a furler similar to mine and do not have a wire on the leading edge, so they should have the same issues as I do. However, since I have had little experience with furlers and their issues, I have opted to go to brass hanks to attach the jib to the forward stay. 

I might even add a down haul to bring the jib to a full down position, this will keep people off the forward deck to bring it down. It’s simplicity will also ease my mind for longer trips which I hope to take some day. It has also crossed my mind to add a jib boom, (if that’s what they call it), to control the shape of the jib. It’s used on many gaff rigged boats including the big schooners and looks very salty indeed. But right now it’s just an idea.

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