Saturday, February 6, 2010

The wrath of winter

St. Johns has some spectacular views, and among them is out around the battery area towards the harbor entrance. Earlier this calender year a fierce winter storm battered the shoreline of this area and I went out as the sun rose after the storm. There was some serious damage to the local wharves and supports under the shed that are right over the ocean, but the sheds stood firm.
However last night another winter storm with a stronger storm surge and same wind direction battered the now weakened sheds and wharves that remained. What you see below is before last nights storm and after.

Looking out the harbor entrance after storm #1 in January

After last nights storm in same area. The damaged wharf is now completely gone and so is the supports under the shed. Debris from the other damaged sheds and wharves float near by. (This image taken from local news site)

Looking into the harbor at the twine loft after first storm in January. A damaged wharf pushed over 50ft from its original position.

After last nights storm and high winds. Note the height of the storm surge is still apparent. The first floor has collapsed and mostly washed away. the damaged wharf is completely gone. (This picture taken from local news site) This shed stood against the sea for over 60 years, now no more.

It's sad to see some of these old historical buildings be claimed by the sea, They don't have the fancy moldings or were owned by wealthy fish merchants that St. Johns is known for, but they stored fishing gear for generations of hard working fisher people who are now becoming as rare as the sheds themselves. At least I got some pictures before it disappeared completely.

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