Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another winter with little snow

We normally have a large amount of snow here in Newfoundland when winter shows itself, but for several years now, (I may have posted such during the building of the Pathfinder) we have had very little of the white stuff. In fact, this is today in Holyrood Newfoundland. The temperature is another factor. It's consistently above 0 degrees Celsius making the grass grow, and giving a spring like feel to what should be the dead of winter.
Indeed, spring is coming.

It's only a matter of weeks when the tarps come off the boats and the spring tune-ups begin in earnest. Some modifications will be done to improve Pikake's performance and handling as well as some short test runs before the sailing season goes in high gear.

Trips are being planed right now and I hope some serious coastal will be done and some great shots to be taken of our wonderful coastline.

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