Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chuck Box finish

Back to the Chuck Box. This crate will be hauled around Newfoundland next summer and tossed upon the rocks and beaches to serve up meals fit for a king (Provided he has a cast iron stomach) With the parts all glued and varnish applied the hinges and other components were installed using rivets instead of screws.The Latch bolt fits into a hole in the underside of the top.I didn't like where the original latch was installed and it works better in this spot. The shelves had the brackets riveted on as well.This is what fits inside the Chuck box, all the necessary gear for short trips to a remote cove or a weekend.
More gear can be stored in the box, this is just what the normal load will be. The side shelves remove and are stored inside. The shelves will serve as a work space while cooking and eating area once done. Everything packs inside neatly with room to spare. Fully loaded, the chuck box weighs in at just under 47 lb. A shoulder strap makes it a little easier to carry by myself if the need ever arises.
I have attached the basic plan for anyone who would dare build it. It's basic but beats cooking right off the beach and I don't have to wonder what I left home on the counter anymore.


  1. I think this is a very nice and well thought out kitchen container! Thank you for sharing this. Where do you put in on your boat? BTW, do you have a pdf version of the plan?
    Regards, Rolf

  2. Thanks Rolf. I put it under the forward deck. A pdf or tiff version can be found on the Duckworks Magazine site. It was published only a month or so ago.

  3. Very nice chuck box! Where did you get those table brackets for the table top wings?

  4. Thanks James, I bought those stainless steel table brackets locally at Mercers Marine in Clarenville Newfoundland. But I bet you can find them at other large marine stores too.