Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chuck Box construction

Refer to previous post regarding the chuck box and its intended use.

The Christmas holiday gave me enough spare time to start building the chuck box for Pikake. The plans have been drawn up as much as I dared and there was bound to be some changes made along the way. I picked up some wood from a local building supply store for the construction of the chuck box with a gift card I received from my brother for Christmas. The ¼” plywood left over from the boat build was not suitable for this so 5/16” ply was used for a majority of the box. ½” birch ply was used for the top, doors and small support areas. 1/8” merianti plywood was used for the drawer’s sides and the drawer support. Its A mish mash of wood sizes but no big deal, whatever is lying around and suits the task. All the parts were cut to size with small adjustments for the revised thickness.

A rim of pine was glued to the underside of the top as a joint section for the back and sides. The rest was glued and tacked together with brad nails until the epoxy kicked off.

The drawer bottoms and ends were constructed of 3/8” thick pine and the merianti glued to it.
The front doors which still are not ideal, opens like a cabinet hinged from the sides. The shelves and inside parts were also held by brad nails until the epoxy set and a fillet of glue epoxy was added to the sides for strength since there were no supports under or behind the plywood pieces. This was done to keep the weight down as much as possible while still keeping it strong enough to sit on or heaven forbid, drop. The epoxy was left to cure.
End pieces were cut out for where the rope handles pass through.

More to come...

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