Sunday, October 18, 2009

Packaged for winter

A week after the Random Island trip I decided it was time to put My Pikake away for the winter. I removed all the rigging, rudder and cleaned off the leaves that had collected in the past little while. I picked up a 16ft length of 2x6 and built a brace for the back end and another for the front. the front one was mounted on the mast step and used the pivot pin. I read from some post online that someone used plastic water pipe for their roof and I did the same. I screwed the middle to the top of my 2x6 ridge beam and held the ends down with bungee cords. I then covered the whole boat with a heavy duty tarp. I opened the hatches to air out the inside and removed the drain plug just incase. I tilted the forward end up so any water getting inside would run out the back.
Now I just have to wait for spring... in 6 months... Ah well I have other projects to keep me busy.


  1. I can't believe you didn't put it back in the basement.

  2. Alas, no. I would have to remove the bowsprit which I have bolted and glued to the deck. However I am hoping to buy a 8ft x 20ft tarp shed next year. You and Nathan have to go for a trip next summer.