Monday, September 28, 2009

Upcoming projects

With summer officially over and days growing ever shorter there's probably 2 or 3 good full sailing days left to enjoy. I will still try to get a primer trip to Random Island for a day sail to scout the area for future trips, but time is running out quickly. A sharp eye will be kept on weekend weather for sure.
But with winter coming my attention is turning to winter storage issues and projects to tie me over until next sailing season. I have house issues to attend to I know and that will take some time, but its an afterthought in time compared to building the boat. One of my small projects will be a "Chuck Box" or camp kitchen or kitchen in a box. Chuck box is what the southern US folk seemed to have labeled this. It is as simple as it sounds, literally a kitchen contained within a box. Their easy to find on the Internet and are customized for their owners uses and tastes. They normally contain space for a propane or gas stove, all the pots, pans, utensils, cooking aids, cleaning agents drying and cleaning cloths, spices and other items. Mine will be built to be used on Pikake and on shore. On board it will sit on the floor and have the stove on top. The doors will swing up for table surfaces. Below is a picture I found as an example of what one looks like.
The Pikake version will be even more compact and lighter to make carrying ashore easier, and hopefully water resistant. I will draw up plans based on the Colman fuel stove I have and my pot set. More details will be shown as I develop them.
In an unrelated topic, Rick Coreless has been progressing on his Pathfinder over in BC. His deck looks very professional and the time taken to get to this point is certainly paying off. His site can be found to the side in my links list. Keep it up Rick.

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  1. Hey Perry Thank you for the kind words.... I enjoy your blog and again I am always impressed on your speed of compleation.......
    I am shooting for a april launch but I got a dam diving job up north because my town job at a shipyard has been painfully slow.. I thought I could retire my dry suit but not yet...
    Happy sailing or at least planning for sailing...