Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road trip to the Exploits isles

The north east coast of Newfoundland has some incredible scenery and fantastic sailing areas. The many sheltered coves and harbors make it ideal small cruiser territory. Which is where PIKAKE is being trailered to this weekend. This is why I built the Pathfinder, to explore.I will be launching from a slip in Embree to the south west of the islands and head to Sewards island first. The weather looks to be favorable and the winds light and from the north. Just as well since I 'll have kids and possibly in-laws aboard so no crazy seat of your pants racing for me. Perhaps when everyone is dumped ashore in the afternoon, i'll take my nephews out in the small bay and give this Pathfinder a good workout. My wifes uncle has a powerboat so perhaps I'll get them to do some on the water shots of the Pathfinder in action.

I continue to add to the boat as I get moments here and there. This evening I'll be at my brother in-laws house and he has a large garage. He don't know it yet but I'm going to hang the boat in there and install my rub strips on the keel. This will make for easier beaching on the rocky shores and give me some piece of mind. I finished cutting the strips to width last evening, and all the holes were predrilled before the boat was removed from the house. If you recall the moving cradle from last month, the same runners used in the sled are the ones im using now. The holes I drilled are a match to the keel plugs I made before turning the boat over in the shop.
I'll give a report when I return.

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