Sunday, August 2, 2009


Only a day after the first sea trial I was off on the second leg of my vacation. (the first week was spent outfitting the boat from daylight til dusk) Out "around the bay" doing some fishing, whale watching and water skiing. (The later was mostly me driving the boat) My wife got some shots of the bald eagles who now number near as many as the sea gulls in the area. She really needs a zoom lens to get clearer shots.

Now it's clean up time in the shop and man... there's a lot to clean up. That will take me a day or so, but then it's back to making adjustments to the boat.
1/ Fix port side stay. (my fault for letting it go like it was, lesson learned)
2/ Install additional bow eye for the bowsprit. (this one is above the wench bumper)
3/ Install newly arrived furling gear.
4/ Modify gaff for better haul up and to better slide on the mast.
5/ Try to add the rub strips on the keel if I can.

These are in order of importance. I will be on the water this coming weekend. I'll also need to make adjustments to this blog now that the build is complete. Not to mention getting some more shots of the boat completed.

Time.... aaah nice! No time to log anymore, that is a pretty cool feeling :)

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