Sunday, August 23, 2009

Next stop, Random Island

With the success of the bay trip to Embree some 4 hours drive away, I set my sights on the next trip. Random Island. Random Island sits in a bay near my brothers community of Shoal Hr. in the Clarenville area. It has high bluffs and cliffs but boasts some beautiful scenery and a few great sandy beaches for beach camping. I need to dig out the charts and scan them for this post. I also need to make up my list of essentials to take along. My buddy Travor will be coming along and if I remember correctly will be our first weekend boat trip since our childhood. I'll keep an eye on the weather through out the week to see if it's favorable for the trip.
But right now I have to keep an eye on a little hurricane "BILL" bearing down on me as I type. It is supposed to hit after midnight. To be honest, I think it's hyped up a bit in the media, It will make landfall here as a tropical storm and dump less than 100mm of rain on us. I've seen these conditions this past spring. Other than some washouts on the shoulder of the road and some displaced patio furniture, nothing too major. Not that I haven't taken precautions.
We'll see.

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